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Physics 435 Advanced Electromagnetism I

Welcome to Physics 435 -- Class starts on Monday, Aug. 21, 2023.

Phys 435 is the first semester of a year-long course in Classical Electrodynamics. E&M is more than just a way of computing E and B fields: It is the first field theory, the first gauge theory, and a deep dive into the way physical theories of nature are structured. The text is Introduction to Electrodynamics by David Griffiths. I will usually refer to material from the 3rd edition, though as far as I can tell the 4th edition is identical.

Contact Information

Please use the email addresses listed below if you have any questions about any of the course components.

Name Role Office Hour Office Hour Location Email
 Peter Abbamonte Professor

Mon 11-12

1004 MRL

(My office is in the "Supercon" building between MRL and ESB.)
Kieran Loehr  Discussion TA  Tue 4-5 pm 271 Loomis
Mina Savic Grader Mon 10-11 271 Loomis
Jia Wang Grader Wed 12-1 271 Loomis
Tianshi Zhou Grader Wed 11-12 271 Loomis


Academic Integrity

All activities in this course, including documentation submitted for petition for an excused absence, are subject to the Academic Integrity rules as described in Article 1, Part 4, Academic Integrity, of the Student Code.