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Welcome to Phys325 - Start of Semester Q&A

Q: What are the important parts of the course website I should read?

A: The whole website is important! I only included things that are important.

Q: What are the required materials I need to buy?

A: Look to the "Required Materials" link on the sidebar.

Q: What should I do before the first lecture?

A: Read this document for what to do before your first lecture.

Q: Do we have any assignments due before the first lecture?

A: Yes! (They're listed in the document above.)

Q: Differential equations is a co-requisite for this course and Calc III is a pre-requisite. How much about these topics will I need to know?

A: There's no expectation that you'll know differential equations coming into the course, but you will need to know about vector calculus (Calc III). It's not expected that you know everything about vector calculus (or any other class you've taken before) by heart, but it is expected that you will be able to review and refresh familiar math/physics topics on your own as they appear in our class. Everyone has things that they could use a refresher on or things that they could learn better. It's your responsibility to monitor your own understanding and seek out extra practice and help when you need it.

Q: What should I do if I get sick or have to miss class?

A: If you are sick, please stay home! Your first 4 lecture absences and 2 discussion absences are automatically excused (no documented excuse needed or wanted). The purpose of this policy is that I know that things come up during the semester, and I'm trying to avoid any work from you or me to get an excused absence (less work is better!). If you miss more classes than this for a good reason, you can email me with documentation of your reason and the date of the class you missed (we are not using the department excused absence online form this semester).

Related to public health: although masks are not required, I recommend and support wearing a mask in class. I will wear a mask in lecture and office hours.