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Next Extra Credit Event:

Ethical foundations of laws of war

Professor Colleen Murphy, University of Illinois School of Law and Departments of Political Science and Philosophy

April 26, 2023 | 1:00pm | Arthur Chilton Seminar Room, Armory, Room 345 (Lunch seminar with pizza) and on Zoom



Ethical foundations of laws of war



The final due date for submitting all Extra Credit Essay opportunities has been changed to Monday, May 1 by 11:59pm to allow for additional opportunities that have become available. Please see the ECE description on the Writing Assignments page (scroll down) for more information

Final Exam Review Session
Time + Date: Tuesday, May 2nd
Location: 144 Loomis Laboratory

Final Exam: Final Exam Guidance
Time + Date: Wednesday, May 10th; 7:00 - 10:00pm
Location: 1302 Everitt Laboratory


Continuing Announcements

Article of interest: His grandson explains: Why Oppenheimer remains important today from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (optional).

Due Date Policy (posted March 9):

Assignments due on Wednesdays at 10pm will now be due at midnight instead. This policy goes into effect immediately and will persist for the rest of the semester. The website will be updated to reflect this policy change during Spring Break.

Peer Review How-To:

Available at permanent home: Writing Assignments page.

Please check the University Library's Savvy Researcher calendar and make a note of any presentations of interest to you; events go through late April. For Physics 280, we recommend sessions on

RE1: Students who received a score of 85% or below may revise RE1; the fresh attempt will receive a new assessment. To be eligible for the revision, you must visit office hours to discuss the first attempt and how you will undertake more substantial revision in the second. The deadline for the electronic copy will be Wednesday, 2/8 by 10pm (mailed to Nico Daiyega), with a paper copy submitted by the start of lecture on Thursday, 2/9 (with the original version and rubric attached). The revision must include a new writer's memo.

RE2v2: The page limit has been extended to 1.5 pages. The additional space should be used to ensure better integration of technical matter and improve persuasive strategies. The increased page limit applies only to RE2v2.

Course Resources

We encourage you to visit us during office hours to discuss your writing goals, progress, and challenges. You are welcome to attend your writing lab TA's hours and those of other staff. To work on your writing, you can also make an appointment with the staff at the Writers Workshop. For llnks to these and other resources, please visit the course Resources page.

Under the Supplemental Information tab of the course menu, you can find resources for exploring how nuclear weapons and arms control have shaped our modern cultural imagination. These are provided for personal growth and exploration. Kelly Searsmith's Cartooning the Bomb slideshow of political cartoons has been updated for this year. The latest new item is an article that discusses Bikini Bottom as a nuclear test site and SpongeBob (see the cartoon section).

COVID-19 Adjustments

GLBL/PHYS 280 is being held in person in Spring 2023.

Assignment Turn-In When Isolating:

If you are required to isolate and cannot attend class on a day when the paper copy of an assignment is due, please turn in yoru paper copy as soon as your isolation period ends. There will be no penalty.

Assignment Return When You or Your TA Is Isolating:

If you or your TA are isolating and cannot attend Writing Lab in person, your graded assignment will be returned via PEAR (Protected Email Attachment Respository). A PEAR intro with access link can be found here (requires NetID login).