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Current Announcements

  1. Help for completing remaining course assignments: Please email your writing lab TA to arrange an appointment. There are no further general office hours for Physics 280 this semester.
  2. Classwide Essay Extension: The RPv2 deadline has been extended to Wednesday, May 4 at 10:00 pm. Please submit your final RPv2 directly to the TA who is grading your research paper and cc the TA of your writing section
  3. Final Exam Review Session: Saturday, May 7, 5:00-6:30 pm, in person, regular lecture classroom in Loomis (Rm. 144) unless otherwise announced. See also the Exam Resources page to help review for the final exam.
  4. Final Exam: Wednesday, May 11, 7:00-10:00 pm, in person, Loomis Rm. 151, as per the official university schedule published in Course Explorer.
  5. Final Exam Conflict: Please let Prof. Perdekamp know by Friday, May 6th at 10:00 pm if you require a conflict exam. In your email, include (a) your exam schedule (so that we can identify an alternative time for a possible conflict exam) and (b) remember to begin the subject line with 22p280. (University final exam policies)

Past Announcements

Peer Review Instructions

Upload your own RE3v1 to the secure document distribution and email it to your reviewer at by using the following these steps:

  1. Browse for your RE3v1 and upload
  2. Enter the NetID of your reviewer in the field below the recipient list and click "add"
  3. Select "require login"
  4. Keep the password field blank
  5. Right-Click the file name in the box "Files attached to this file group": this will open a menu from which you select "copy link"
  6. Paste the link into the email to your reviewer.

Complete your peer review by following these steps:

  1. Review the RE3v1 you receive from your reviewee and submit the reviewed paper. Choose the RE3v1-review assignment. The assignment is due by Monday, 3-7, at 10 am (at the beginning of the writing labs). No late submission will be possible for review assignments.
  2. Also email a copy to your reviewee. This can be done through the secure document distribution.

n.b. Please be careful in submitting your reviews or essays to the correct assignment! Several RE3v1 essays were submitted to RE3V1-review upload.

Updates to Resources

Research Paper Sequence

Online Lectures Recordings and Slides

Info on Non-Proliferation

Want to learn more about advocating for international nuclear non-proliferation, security, and diplomacy? Check out the Additional Phys 280 Information page on the course website. And read up on Dr. Frederick Lamb, one of Physics 280's founding faculty and 2022 chair-elect of the American Physical Society's Forum on Physics and Society, and nuclear physics alumnus Dr. Areg Danagoulian, an MIT professor who "has developed new technologies for detecting nuclear warhead materials, encrypting their technical details, and verifying their dismantlement."

COVID-19 Adjustments

GLBL/PHYS 280 will be held in person in Spring 2022.

Assignment Turn-In When Isolating:

If you are required to isolate and cannot attend class on a day when the paper copy of an assignment is due, please turn in yoru paper copy as soon as your isolation period ends. There will be no penalty.

Assignment Return When You or Your TA Is Isolating:

If you or your TA are isolating and cannot attend Writing Lab in person, your graded assignment will be returned via PEAR (Protected Email Attachment Respository). A PEAR intro with access link can be found here (requires NetID login).


Writing Labs and Office Hours:

Office hours will be offered Tuesdays from 5-6pm and Wednesdays from 1-6pm.

(1) Tuesday office hours in person and via  Zoom (if needed)

(2) Wednesday office hours in person and via Zoom (if needed)


Physics 280 "Secure Documentation" Tutorial:

Please refer to the following slideshow for a tutorial on how to conduct peer-reviews via the Secure Documentation submission portal.



Under the Supplemental Information tab of the course menu, you can find resources for exploring how nuclear weapons and arms control have shaped our modern cultural imagination. These are provided for personal growth and exploration.