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Welcome to Physics 211!

Hour Exam 1 has been moved to Wednesday September 30th at 7 PM.  Massmail from Prof. Stelzer is available here.

Practice Exam Scores are available.  Go to and select the online exam course. Your exam will be visible, as will your score.

 Practice Exam email  sent Monday September 9th 

Here is a pdf with instructions for purchasing the access code and entering it into or if you prefer a video we have that too.

Here is a link to the Practice Exam and iclicker email  sent Monday August 31st. 

Here is a link to the Zoom Chat Channel  sent Wednesday August 26nd. 

Here is a link to the Welcome message sent Saturday August 22nd. 

Piazza We updated the roster for the physics 211 piazza page Wednesday 8/26.  So you should automatically see the course if you sign into piazza with an account based on your University email.

Lecture Handouts  There is now a link on the schedule page that provides a powerpoint skeleton of the lecture.  These were formerly sold at the bookstore in paper edition as a guide for taking notes during lecture.  Note, sometimes the lecture we use will not follow those notes exactly as we may adjust the lecture based on student responses.  


Students must be on time and prepared for lecture.

Payment Information

You will need to pay for access to the course materials for this course.  You will have 14 days from the first day of classes to submit your payment to be able to receive credit for the courses. 

First, go to to purchase an access code. 

Then, log into  You should see a Redeem link. Enter the access code and click the Redeem Code button.  (Note this link will be available after August 21st)

Once you do this, you have successfully paid for the course.


Students must be on time and prepared for discussion.


Students must be on time and prepared for labs.


Excused Absences

Academic Integrity