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If you wake up feeling sick, do not come to class. Please seek medical assistance and focus on recovering.
For more information about absences due to illness, see What do I do if I am sick?



Week 7 (2/26-3/1)

If you are struggling with burnout or have fallen behind in the course in some way, please consider reaching out to the Student Assistance Center to get connected with resources to help you take care of yourself and get back on track. You may also consider looking at the mental health resources link. It may be helpful to look at resources for studying and test taking from DGS and DRES.

If you are encountering difficulties with the math in this course, we encourage you to utilize online resources and office hours for assistance. This OpenStax chapter on right triangles is useful for reviewing when to use sine, cosine, and tangent; and this chapter reviews methods for solving two equations with two unknowns.

Here is a summary of our schedule and deadlines for Week 7:

  • Class Meetings
    • Lectures 12 and 13
    • Discussion 7/Quiz 5
    • Lab 4
  • Online assignments
    • [PrairieTest] Quiz 4 retake on Monday
    • [smartPhysics] Prelectures and Checkpoints 12 and 13
    • [smartPhysics] Homework 6 is due at 8am on Thursday, February 29
    • [smartPhysics] Prelab 4 is due at 8am on the day your lab meets
  • Action items
    • [James Scholar Students] Start to work to identify your project topic or article
    • If you are looking for individual feedback or advice after Exam 1: Talk to your TA and/or arrange a one-on-one meeting with Prof. Ansell
    • If you are looking for extra help after Exam 1: Come to office hours, connect with OMSA free tutoring, or seek out a private tutor (your TA may be able to connect you with graduate students who are interested in tutoring)

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Registering After the First Day of Classes

If you registered after the first day of classes but before the 10th day of classes, you will not be penalized for assignments or class activities that happened before you were registered. It is your responsibility to make sure you get appropriate credit by doing the following:

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Getting Started in Physics 101

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Formula Sheet

Excused Absences Application

Queue for Office Hours

Schedule with lecture notes and slides, discussion problems, etc

Course Components Summary


We will be using iClicker for participation and bonus points during lecture. You may use physical iclickers or the iClicker Cloud Student app. (more information about setting up iClicker)


You can access the content at and you have full access for the first two weeks free of charge.  Sometime in the first two weeks you will need to pay for access by purchasing a code through the UIUC bookstore.  Details of how to pay for access are available via pdf.


Students must be on time and prepared for discussion. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late for discussion will receive a grade of 0% on the discussion group assignment of the day and will not be permitted to take the quiz.


Please review the required materials list to see what you need.

Students must be on time and prepared for labs. All lab sections take place in person in 4018 Campus Instructional Facility.


Excused Absences


Academic Integrity

Use of AI Tools

This course permits you to use artificial intelligence (AI) tools, such as chatbots, text generators, paraphrasers, summarizers, or solvers, to get guidance on assignments except for quizzes and exams, as long as you do so in an ethical and responsible manner. Essentially, you can think of these tools as ways to help you learn but not to entirely create work for assignments like discussion problems, prelabs and labs, and James Scholar Projects. AI is more like your tutor or TA, not a replacement for your independent thinking.

This means that you must:

You are accountable for any mistakes or errors made by the AI tool. Do not rely on the AI tool to produce flawless or correct results. Always check and edit the output before submitting your work. If you discover any inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the output after submission, notify the instructor immediately and correct them as soon as possible.

Using AI tools in an unethical or irresponsible manner, such as copying or paraphrasing the output without citation or transparency, using the output as your own work without verification or integration, or using the output to misrepresent your knowledge or skills, is considered a violation of Academic Integrity in Physics 101. If you have any questions about what constitutes ethical and responsible use of AI tools, please consult with the instructor before submitting your work.