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If you wake up feeling sick, do not come to class. Please seek medical assistance and focus on recovering.
For more information about absences due to illness, see What do I do if I am sick?



Week 3 (1/30-2/3) If you just joined the course, please take some time to review the course website and the Getting Started page. This page will help you make sure you are ready for each component of the class.

Here is a summary of our schedule and deadlines for Week 3:

Remember to purchase your smartPhysics access code before the DEMO period expires. For KAU students your free access wil expire on 1/31, for all other students free access expires 2/6. Use the code you receive in, not at

  • Exam 1 will be held in Week 5. Begin making your CBTF reservations for Exam 1 at starting on Thursday, Feb 2. More information on exams coming soon.
  • Lecture 4 will be held on Monday. Lecture 5 will be held on Wednesday.
    • Please bring your iclicker to class so you can participate in class polling
    • Check our Mediaspace channel for recorded lectures and supplemental worked example videos
  • Discussion 3 meets this week with Quiz 2.
  • Labs meet in person at CIF this week for Lab 1. Prelab 1 is due the morning your lab meets. You will need an IOLab for Lab 1.
  • Homework 2 is due Friday 2/3 at 8am.
  • Office hours continue in 271 Loomis (schedule). Remember to add your question to the Office Hours Queue to get a bonus point.

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Registering After the First Day of Classes

If you registered after the first day of classes but before the 10th day of classes:

Quick Links

Getting Started in Physics 101

Recorded Lectures

Formula Sheet

Excused Absences Application

Queue for Office Hours

Schedule with lecture notes and slides, discussion problems, etc



We will be using physical iclickers for participation and bonus points during lecture. You may use any version of the physical clicker (but not the phone app).


You can access the content at and you have full access for the first two weeks free of charge.  Sometime in the first two weeks you will need to pay for access by purchasing a code through the UIUC bookstore.  Details of how to pay for access are available via pdf.


Students must be on time and prepared for discussion. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late for discussion will receive a grade of 0% on the discussion group assignment of the day and will not be permitted to take the quiz.


Please review the required materials list to see what you need.

Students must be on time and prepared for labs. All lab sections but one take place in person in 4018 Campus Instructional Facility.


Excused Absences


Academic Integrity