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Start of Semester Q&A

Q: What are the required materials I need to buy?

A: Look to the "Required Materials" link on the sidebar.

Q: What should I do before my first class?

A: Read this document for what to do before your first discussion section/lecture.

Q: Do we have any assignments due before the first lecture?

A: Yes! (They're listed in the document above.)

Q: Calculus I is a co-requisite for this course. How much Calculus will I need to know?

A: There's no expectation that you'll know calculus coming into the course. There are lots of connections between calculus and physics, and we'll talk about the important ones in class. However, most of the homework and other problems that you'll do don't really require you to know calculus. Two main things that you will need (that we will cover) is that the derivative of a function is the slope of the graph and that the integral of a function is the area under the graph. Sometimes the prelecture videos incorrectly assume that the viewer knows calculus, so you might be confused by some things in the prelecture videos.

Don't worry if things don't make sense initially. If you're taking calculus concurrently with Phys100, you'll see how they're connected as we go through the semester.

COVID-19 Rules

COVID-19 is still here.

If you ever have to make a choice between health/safety and physics, please choose health/safety. We have policies for excused absenses and make-up work, but if you are facing challenges that go beyond these, please get in contact with me (Eric) and we'll work it out.

Q: What if someone attends lecture/discussion/office hourswithout building access granted or refuses to wear a mask?

A: To ensure everyone's safety, this person will be asked to leave the building. If they refuse to leave, then class or office hours will be cancelled.