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NPRE 413 - Nucl Separ & Fuel Reprocessing

Last offered Fall 2024

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Radionuclide separations are the basis for recycling of nuclear fuel. This class will cover the chemistry and engineering of nuclear separations as used in reprocessing. Students will learn the basics of f-element and fission product chemistry, mathematical algorithms of reprocessing schemes, past, current, and future reprocessing schemes, and the unit operations of reprocessing. After completing this class, the student will understand the chemical and engineering bases behind reprocessing schemes past and present. Course Information: 2 or 3 undergraduate hours. 2 or 3 graduate hours. Prerequisite: Junior, Senior, or Graduate Standing.
Nucl Separ & Fuel ReprocessingA275571LCD21530 - 1720 R  2078 Natural History Building Michael David Kaminski
Nucl Separ & Fuel ReprocessingA375866LCD31530 - 1720 R  2078 Natural History Building Michael David Kaminski