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MSE 590 - Research Seminars

Last offered Spring 2022

Official Description

Discussions and lectures on current research under the direction of individual staff members. Course Information: Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Related Faculty

Research Seminars#JA23706IND0 -    John R Abelson
Research Seminars#JC23730IND0 -    James J Coleman
Research Seminars#JE23741IND0 -    
Research Seminars#JG23733IND0 -    J Murray Gibson
Research Seminars#JL23728IND0 -    Jean-Pierre Leburton
Research Seminars#JS23753IND0 -    Jian Ku Shang
Research Seminars#KS23717IND0 -    Kenneth S. Schweizer
Research Seminars#LA23747IND0 -    Leslie H Allen
Research Seminars#PB23714IND0 -    Paul V. Braun
Research Seminars#PG23745IND0 -    Phillip H Geil
Research Seminars#RA23716IND0 -    Robert S Averback
Research Seminars#RG23712IND0 -    Richard J Gaylord
Research Seminars#RK23726IND0 -    Richard Damien Keane
Research Seminars#RN23711IND0 -    Ralph G Nuzzo
Research Seminars#SG23743IND0 -    Steve Granick
Research Seminars#WK23751IND0 -    Waltraud M Kriven
Research Seminars010568IND0 -    
Research SeminarsAB23710IND0 -    Armand Beaudoin, Jr
Research SeminarsAMS23739IND0 -    Andrew M Smith
Research SeminarsAR23134IND0 -    Angus Rockett
Research SeminarsAS23243IND0 -    Andre Schleife
Research SeminarsAST23719IND0 -    Antonia Statt
Research SeminarsAW23186IND0 -    Andrzej Wieckowski
Research SeminarsAWJ23724IND0 -    Amy Wagoner Johnson
Research SeminarsAXH23160IND0 -     Axel Hoffmann
Research SeminarsBAH23197IND0 -    Brendan A Harley
Research SeminarsBC23232IND0 -    Brian T Cunningham
Research SeminarsCAO23144IND0 -    Qing Cao
Research SeminarsCES23750IND0 -    Charles E. Sing
Research SeminarsCJM23184IND0 -    Catherine Jones Murphy
Research SeminarsCL23152IND0 -    Cecilia Leal
Research SeminarsCME23199IND0 -    Chris Evans
Research SeminarsCS23754IND0 -    Charles M Schroeder
Research SeminarsDAP23127IND0 -    David A Payne
Research SeminarsDC23173IND0 -     David Cahill
Research SeminarsDDJ23170IND0 -    Duane Douglas Johnson
Digi-Mat Prof. Dev. SeminarDMS72039LEC11500 - 1550 F  208 Seitz Materials Research Lab Dallas Trinkle
Research SeminarsDPS23191IND0 -    Daniel P. Shoemaker
Research SeminarsDT23705IND0 -    Dallas Trinkle
Research SeminarsHJK23727IND0 -    Joon Kong
Research SeminarsHW#23749IND0 -    Hua Wang
Research SeminarsIR23192IND0 -    Ian McLean Robertson
Research SeminarsJA23136IND0 -    John R Abelson
Research SeminarsJAK23130IND0 -    Jessica Anne Krogstad
Research SeminarsJB23147IND0 -    Jay D Bass
Research SeminarsJCS23707IND0 -    Jean-charles Stinville
Research SeminarsJE23202IND0 -    
Research SeminarsJGE23735IND0 -    J. Gary Eden
Research SeminarsJHW23228IND0 -    John H Weaver
Research SeminarsJL23200IND0 -    Jennifer Lewis
Research SeminarsJMZ23248IND0 -    Jian-Min Zuo
Research SeminarsJSM23195IND0 -    Jeff Moore
Research SeminarsJWL23182IND0 -    Joseph W Lyding
Research SeminarsKAK23163IND0 -    Kristopher Kilian
Research SeminarsKK23140IND0 -    Kyekyoon Kim
Research SeminarsKS23159IND0 -    Kenneth S. Schweizer
Research SeminarsKSS23179IND0 -    Ken Suslick
Research SeminarsLA23231IND0 -    Leslie H Allen
Research SeminarsLM23194IND0 -    Lane W Martin
Research SeminarsMAC23176IND0 -    Marie Agathe Charpagne
Research SeminarsMS23124IND0 -    Moonsub Shim
Research SeminarsNHP23725IND0 -    Nicola Helen Perry
Research SeminarsNS23165IND0 -    Nancy R Sottos
Research SeminarsPB23187IND0 -    Pascal Bellon
Research SeminarsPG23222IND0 -    Phillip H Geil
Research SeminarsPH23722IND0 -    Pinshane Huang
Research SeminarsPVB23154IND0 -    Paul V. Braun
Research SeminarsQC23723IND0 -    Qian Chen
Research SeminarsRSA23157IND0 -    Robert S Averback
Research SeminarsSCT23177IND0 -    Shengchang Tang
Research SeminarsSN23708IND0 -    SungWoo Nam
Research SeminarsWMK23240IND0 -    Waltraud M Kriven
Research SeminarsWPK23703IND0 -    Bill King
Research SeminarsXL23247IND0 -    Xiuling Li
Research SeminarsYL23167IND0 -    Yi Lu
Research SeminarsYZ23737IND0 -    Yang Zhang
Research SeminarsYZH23721IND0 -    Yingjie Zhang