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MSE 404 NP2 - Novel Photovoltaics

Last offered Spring 2024

Official Description

Experiments include direct hands-on investigations or are performed through computational approaches. Laboratory experiences include both fundamental studies as well as investigations on more applied topics. Course Information: 1.5 undergraduate hours. 1.5 graduate hours. May be repeated if topics vary. Prerequisite: MSE 307 and MSE 308 or permission of instructor. Senior standing.

Section Description

Students are introduced to emerging photovoltaic materials through hands-on experiments. Students fabricate and characterize solar cells made of materials such as organometal halide perovskites. Different methods to synthesize/deposit these materials and device architectures are examined. Students then critically examine advantages and challenges associated with integrating new materials into photovoltaics.

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Novel PhotovoltaicsNP271510B41.51400 - 1650 T R  204 Ceramics Kiln House Moonsub Shim
Conan L Huang