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ME 546 - Analysis of Nonlinear Systems

Spring 2021

Official Description

Course Information: Same as ECE 528 and SE 520. See ECE 528.

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Detailed Course Description

First-level graduate course on the analysis on nonlinear dynamical systems, covering topics such as nonlinear dynamics, vector fields and flows, Lyapunov stability theory, regular and singular perturbations, averaging, integral manifolds, input-output and input-to-state stability, and various design applications in control systems and robotics. Same as GE 520, and ECE 528. Prerequisite: ECE 515 or equivalent; MATH 385 or consent of instructor. 4 hours.

Analysis of Nonlinear SystemsR33988OD1100 - 1220 T R    Roy Dong
Analysis of Nonlinear SystemsRP73005DIS1100 - 1220 T R  1013 ECE Building Roy Dong