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ME 470 AL1 - Senior Design Project

Last offered Fall 2021

Official Description

Solution of a real-world design problem: development, evaluation, and recommendation of alternative solutions subject to realistic constraints that include most of the following considerations: economics, environment, sustainability, manufacturability, ethics, health and safety, society, and politics. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. Departmental approval required. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in no more than two required ME courses; completion of all required courses.

Section Description

Fall ME 470 registration is for students whose UIN ends in an even number. To petition a change in this fall registration, please contact the MechSE Undergraduate Programs Office ( You will receive a TIME CONFLICT AND AN APPROVAL ERROR when registering for this course. To receive the necessary overrides to register, please contact the MechSE Undergraduate Programs Office ( .

Related Faculty

Senior Design ProjectAL136716LEC30800 - 0950 T  0027/1025 Campus Instructional Facility Blake Everett Johnson