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ME 455 - Micromfg Process & Automation

Spring 2021

Official Description

Scaling laws in miniaturization, Micro-machine tools design and characterization, Micromanufacturing process modeling, simulation and automation, Micro-metrology and Micro-assembly systems. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: ME 270 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Related Faculty

Micromfg Process & AutomationG464003OLC41530 - 1720 T R    Shiv Gopal Kapoor
Micromfg Process & AutomationU364002OLC31530 - 1720 T R    Shiv Gopal Kapoor
Micromfg Process & AutomationZJU72630OLC3 -    Shiv Gopal Kapoor