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ME 401 - Refrigeration and Cryogenics

Last offered Fall 2024

Official Description

Theory of operation and design of equipment for production of low temperatures, from below ambient to near absolute zero; industrial, consumer, aerospace, medical, and research applications. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent registration in ME 320.

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Detailed Course Description

The theory of operation and the design of equipment for the production of low temperatures from below ambient down to near absolute zero; applications to industrial, consumer, aerospace, medical, and research applications. Prerequisite: ME 300, ME 310, and ME 320 or consent of instructor. 3 undergraduate hours or 3 or 4 graduate hours.


1. Low-temperature properties of materials

2. Psychrometrics and evaporative cooling processes

3. Thermodynamic cooling processes

4. Single-and multistage vapor compression systems

5. Absorption refrigeration

6. Miscellaneous cooling devices: air cycles, thermoelectrics, etc.

7. Components: compressors, expansion devices, heat exchangers, etc.

8. Cryogenic refrigeration and liquefaction systems

9. Low temperature gas separation

10. Systems for near absolute zero

11. Other topics

12. Special projects: for extra credit, taken mostly by graduate students

ME: MechSE or technical elective.

EM: Possible secondary field, with approval.

Refrigeration and CryogenicsGR42956LCD30900 - 0950 M W F  410C1 Engineering Hall Ke Tang
Refrigeration and CryogenicsONL79796ONL3 -    Ke Tang
Refrigeration and CryogenicsUG342954LCD30900 - 0950 M W F  410C1 Engineering Hall Ke Tang