ENG 572 (ECE)

Summer Semester 2024


Faculty Advisor/Instructor: Prof. Wei He

Program Manager/Academic Advisor: Stacy Walker


Welcome to ENG 572 (ECE)



To enroll for ENG572(ECE), students are required to submit a plan signed

(approved) by their internship supervisor, by the end of the first week of the

semester. Once we receive and approve the plan, the department/college will   

issue an override so that students can use the self-service system to enroll

online by the deadline of the self-service registration (typically the 10th day in the

semester). Please refer to the Syllabus linked below for more details.


The enrolled semester can be concurrent with the internship,

or be following right after the internship.


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Course Canvas


 (Latest update:  06/12/2024)