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ENG 300 - Engrg Transfer Orientation

Last offered Fall 2023

Official Description

Orientation required of off-campus transfer students in the College of Engineering. Course Information: Prerequisite: Restricted to first time Transfer Engineering students.
Engrg Transfer OrientationT30131ONL1 -    Keri Michelle Niehans
Engrg Transfer OrientationTR272290LCD11100 - 1150 M W  137 Loomis Laboratory Kimberly Powers
Engrg Transfer OrientationTR372291LCD11400 - 1450 M W  147 Loomis Laboratory Kimberly Powers
Engrg Transfer OrientationTR472292LCD11100 - 1150 T R  1038 Campus Instructional Facility Kimberly Powers
Engrg Transfer OrientationTR572295LCD11100 - 1150 T R  2015 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg Kimberly Powers
Engrg Transfer OrientationTR672296LCD11600 - 1650 T R  3019 Civil Eng Hydrosystems Lab Kimberly Powers
Engrg Transfer OrientationTR772297LCD11600 - 1650 T R  137 Loomis Laboratory Kimberly Powers