ECE 598 WZ: 2D Material Electronics and Photonics




Office Hours


T Th 9:30am 10:50am


Wenjuan Zhu

Wednesday 4-5


Course syllabus: Specified in Course Syllabus

Prerequisites: ECE 340 or equivalent

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Course Description: Propelled by the discovery of new fundamental science, and its immense potential for technological applications, the research on two-dimensional (2D) materials has garnered intense attention from both academia and industry, and across diverse disciplines such as electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, material science, mechanical engineering and biology. Beyond graphene, a new class of atomically thin 2D materials has emerged in the last few years, including transition metal dichalcogenides, black phosphorus, boron nitride, silicene, MXene, monochalcogenides and many more. Recent exploration into vertical heterostructures by stacking different 2D materials further sparks limitless opportunities for innovation. The goal of this course is to provide graduate students and researchers with the essential basics, breadth and depth on 2D materials properties and their electronic and photonic devices. We will discuss the structures, operating principles, advantages and limitations of a variety of electronic and optoelectronic devices, including logic devices, radio frequency (RF) devices, tunneling devices, memories, photodetectors, solar cells, plasmonic devices, and lasers. Beyond the current state of the 2D field, this course will provide an outlook about the future of the 2D field.