ECE/CS598HPN, Fall 2023: High-speed and Programmable Networks


The ever-increasing demand for better performance, more functionality, and flexibility has given rise to radical new designs for networking infrastructure, that not only unleash exciting new opportunities, but also challenge conventional wisdom. This course aims to cover these recent advancements in networking research and industry. In each lecture, we will discuss one or two recent papers that propose, or use, unconventional new designs for network stack, network interface cards, or switches. Specific topics include programmable switches, kernel-bypass networking, RDMA, and smart NICs.

Lecture time: Wednesdays and Fridays, 13:00 - 14:20
Credits: 4
Location: 2015 ECEB
Instructor: Radhika Mittal (email: radhikam @
Office Hour: Wednesdays 14:20-15:20, Coordinated Science Laboratory, Room 257


Reading assignments (30%): Students are required read one (and sometimes two) paper(s) before each class, and submit a short write-up on them.

Class participation (10%): Students are expected to attend classes and actively participate in the class discussions.

Programming assignments (10%): There will be three warm-up programming assignments, intended to familiarize the students with some of the networking tools that can be useful for the course project.

Course project (50%): In groups of up to 2, students are required to do a research style project of their choice on a topic relevant to this course.

There will be no midterm or final exam.

More details about the assignments and project can be found under 'Assignments'.

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