ECE 590SIC, Spring 2023


Purpose of the course
ECE 590SIC is a research seminar for people interested in audio, speech and language processing.
Grad students may take ECE 590SIC for one unit of graduate credit. Grades are S/U/I. An "S" grade is given if you either: (1) give a research presentation at least once during the semester, or (2) participate in a group project and submit some kind of report, co-authored with your group, describing your experimental results, or (3) submit a written report describing the presentations given by visiting speakers. Students may also attend without registering, and may give a presentation without registering.
Mark Hasegawa-Johnson.
Seminar Locations and Dates
The course is held Wednesdays, 4-5pm in ECEB 2017. Every class is hybrid; the zoom link is on the CampusWire at

Course Schedule, Spring 2023

Wednesday, 1/18, 4pm
Small-group project planning: nominate ideas for small-group projects, and create a document sketching the ideas.
Wednesday, 1/25, 4pm
Small-group project planning.
Wednesday, 2/1, 4pm
Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Zipf's law suggests a three-pronged approach to inclusive speech recognition
Wednesday, 2/8, 4pm
Zhongweiyang Xu, Real World Neural Speech Enhancement, Separation, and Dereverberation for Monaural, Multichannel, and Multi-modal Setup
Wednesday, 2/15, 4pm
Wednesday, 2/22, 4pm
Wednesday, 3/1, 4pm
Small-group project plans:
G2P/homograph discovery (John, Mahir, Heting, Xiuwen)
Vision-speech navigation (Liming, Feiyu)
Fairness in speech recognition (Erin, Priyam)
Wednesday, 3/8, 4pm
Vision-speech navigation: project plan.
Wednesday, 3/22, 4pm
Jialu Li
Wednesday, 3/29, 4pm
Mahir Morshed
Thursday, 3/30, 4pm
David Harwath, Learning Speech Audio Representations with Multimodal Self-Supervision
Wednesday, 4/5, 4pm
Wednesday, 4/12, 4pm
Wednesday, 4/19, 4pm
Automatic homograph discovery: final presentation.
Wednesday, 4/26, 4pm
Fairness: final presentation
Wednesday, 5/3, 4pm
Vision-speech navigation: final presentation.