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ECE 508 - Manycore Parallel Algorithms

Fall 2021

Official Description

Algorithm techniques for enhancing the scalability of parallel software: scatter vs. gather, problem decomposition, spatial sorting and binning, privatization for reduced conflicts, tiling for data locality, regularization for improved load balance, compaction to conserve memory bandwidth, double-buffering to overlap latencies, and data layout for improved efficiency of DRAM accesses. Course Information: Same as CS 508. 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. Prerequisite: ECE 408 or CS 420.

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Subject Area

Software Systems
Manycore Parallel AlgorithmsE75582LEC41700 - 1820 T R  2017 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg  Steven Lumetta
Manycore Parallel AlgorithmsONL75699OLC41700 - 1820 T R     Steven Lumetta