ECE 457 – Microwave Devices & Circuits

Fall 2020


  • Welcome to Fall 2020 offering of ECE 457! For this semester, the course is online-only and it is required to attend live lectures.

  • We will be using Compass2G for HW/Project distributions and submissions.

  • IMPORTANT: Exams will be proctored online by TA using two-device proctoring. This means you are required to have:

    • A computer for viewing the exam

    • A mobile device/tablet/second computer with camera for live video feed of your desk/workspace

    • Sufficient Internet connection to stream your live video feed

  • All dates/times used in this course refer to local time in Champaign, IL.

Course Goals

The goal of this course is to develop students’ design, analysis, and evaluation skills at microwave frequencies where lumped elements (e.g., resistors, capacitors, inductors) are no longer appropriate. Through problem-solving and design activities, the course will introduce students to passive (85%) and active (15%) microwave devices, including filters, switches, mixers, couplers, power dividers, and diplexers, that constitute wireless communication systems between the antenna and the digital signal processor.


Instructor: Prof. Xu Chen
Office: Zoom
Office Hours: Wed. 1 - 2pm

Teaching Assistant

TA: Liuqing Gao
Office: Zoom
Office Hours: Thu. 5 - 6pm


Attendance of live lectures is required. Live lectures only, no recording unless specifically requested.

Days Times Zoom Link
MWF 10:00-10:50 AM Zoom


ECE 329 and ECE 350


Additional Notes

Grading Policy

ECE 457
Homework 10%
Midterm Exam 30%
Final Exam 30%
Projects (2) 30%

Academic Integrity

Students are expected to abide by the University of Illinois Student Code.

Any academic integrity violations will result in a FAIR report. Furthermore, the penalty will be as follows:

  • A score of 0 (zero) on the assignment or exam where the academic integrity violation occurred.

  • A second offense results in a grade of F for the course.

The following is a partial list of academic integrity violations for this course:

  • Copying homework or project reports from other students (working together and discussing is acceptable)

  • Copying homework or project reports from past solutions

  • Using websites such as Chegg or Course Hero while completing any course assignments or exams

  • Using unauthorized materials or discussing during exams

  • Violating CBTF proctoring policies

  • Communicating with any person during exams

  • Discussing the exam with any person within 24 hours of exam completion

  • Not an academic integrity violation: Distributing any course material without authorization. This includes uploading homeworks/solutions and exam solutions to web sites, or sharing these documents with people not enrolled in the course.

    • Although not an academic integrity violation, it is a violation of the law and I will refer you to U.S. Attorney's Office for prosecution under The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.