ECE 401 Signal Processing, Fall 2024

Introduction to signal processing for advanced undergraduates or graduate students in the biological, physical, social, engineering and computer sciences. Representation and processing of continuous-time and discrete-time signals and images using phasors, Fourier series, sampling, FIR filters, discrete-time Fourier transform, Z transform, and IIR filters. Machine problems include processing of music, speech, photographic image, bioelectric, and biomedical image data.

4 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: MATH 220.

Credit is not given for both ECE 310 and ECE 401.

Textbook (strongly recommended): DSPFirst by McClellan, Schafer and Yoder, 2nd edition, 2016.

Instructor: Mark Hasegawa-Johnson (jhasegaw). This class has no regularly scheduled office hours. Please ask questions in class, or on campuswire, or schedule an appointment.

On-line Tools

  • CampusWire will be used for on-line question answering. If you need the code to enter this site, send an e-mail to the course instructors.

  • Gradescope (enrollment code DKPK6N) will be used to submit all homework and machine problems, and will be used to grade exams. The code to enter this site will be posted on CampusWire.

  • PrairieLearn will be used for daily quizzes.

  • Lectures can be viewed online in either of two ways:
    • Synchronously using zoom. The zoom link is on CampusWire.

    • Asynchronously using MediaSpace

  • DSPFirst Demos contains useful demos.

  • Our logo this semester is a Nyquist sampling demo uploaded by Jacopo Bertolotti.