ECE 398KF - Quantum Systems I

Term: Fall 2023

Course Objective: This course provides a streamlined introduction to the physical and mathematical principles of quantum information processing. A variety of interdisciplinary topics will be covered from quantum mechanics, linear algebra, and computer science that collectively prepare the student for more advanced courses and research in quantum information science. Unlike traditional approaches to quantum mechanics, this course first introduces the concept of a qubit (or "quantum bit") and principles of finite-dimensional quantum systems before moving to the wave function and quantum particles in space.

Prerequisite: PHYS 214

Time/Location: T/R 03:30PM - 04:50PM, ECEB 3015

Instructor: Prof. Kejie Fang, (Office:  HMNTL 2112, Email:

Office Hours:  Monday 11am-noon, HMNTL 2112

Course Website:

Primary Textbook:  Schumacher and Westmoreland, Quantum Processes, Systems, and Information. 

                                  Electronic version

Grading: This course will have five homework assignments, two midterm exams, and a final exam.  Their relative contribution to the overall grade is as follows:

                Homework  25%, Midterm Exams 1 &2, Final Exam  25% each



Homework 1   Solutions

Homework 2   Solutions

Quiz 1 Solutions

Lecture slides

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4  Exercise answers

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Exam 1 review

Lecture 7  Exercise answers