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Arijit Banerjee (arijit)
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Office: ECEB 4042
Course Resources
Reference book:
(1) Solar Car Primer by Eric F. Thacher, (2) The Leading Edge: Aerodynamic Design of Ultra-streamlined Land Vehicles, Goro Tamai; 1999


Final Project: In the final project, students should individually work on topics related to the solar car. It can be analysis, design, building, testing, debugging, validation, or implementation involving one or more sub-components of the solar car. It can also be a system level study of the car, where students explore interactions of one sub-component with another. Students should clearly define the problem they are trying to solve and how this will improve the solar car performance. Students can take help from existing senior members in the Illini Solar Car Team while they scope out their final project. Individual 4-page written report must be submitted before the last day of the class. 



Final project + Presentation:
The final presentation will be based on the final project. A clear, concise presentation should include: 1) what is the objective? 2) Why is it important? 3) How the goal was achieved? 4) Relevant technical background 5) Results, and 6) Future work.
The grading will be based on the student’s clarity of understanding of the final project and how their project impacts the solar car’s performance.
Create a Wiki page:
Final Report:
To be submitted on the last day of lecture


Grading is on an absolute scale. You will be compared against the following performance standard, and not to other students.

88% and up (A- 88-90%)
78% to 88% (B+ 85-88%, B- 78-80%)
67% to 78% (C+ 75-78%, C- 67-70%)
55% to 67% (D+ 64-67%, D- 55-58%)

We reserve the right to adjust these numbers downward (in the students' favor) but guaranteed that they will not be raised.


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