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CS 598 PEN - Efficiency in NLP

Last offered Fall 2023

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Large-scale deep learning models have profoundly shaped the landscape of natural language processing (NLP) and AI. However, the rising computational demands of these systems have not only elevated the entry barriers to cutting-edge research, but also raised environmental concerns. Recognizing these challenges, the research community is intensively working towards enhancing the efficiency of these large models, aiming to make them more accessible for practitioners with limited resources and to address environmental concerns. In this course, we will thoroughly explore the recent progress in this area, with a focus on NLP. Though this course is primarily designed for graduate students, motivated undergraduates with suitable backgrounds are also welcome. Prior research experience in related fields (such as natural language processing, machine learning, vision, etc.) and proficiency in Python and modern deep learning frameworks are assumed. The course format includes introductory lect

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Efficiency in NLPPEN46983S340930 - 1045 T R  158 Loomis Laboratory Hao Peng