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CS 598 MP - Software Verification

Last offered Fall 2021

Official Description

Subject offerings of new and developing areas of knowledge in computer science intended to augment the existing curriculum. See Class Schedule or departmental course information for topics and prerequisites. Course Information: May be repeated in the same or separate terms if topics vary.

Section Description

Topic: Software Verification. Scientific methods for engineering reliable software is a grand challenge in computer science. This course is dedicated to studying state-of-the-art techniques for ensuring high reliability of software. We will study several techniques, ranging from testing, type-checking, static analysis, and formal verification, for ensuing correctness to ensure safety and security. The course will be driven by extensive student presentations of research papers and projects aimed to learn, explore, and perhaps even accomplish new research. The course will involve a project, aligned with the student's research area if possible. Graduate students already working on verification, security, or programming languages, with some basic knowledge of formal methods in verification, are encouraged to attend. The course will differ from CS476 as we will not be using rewriting techniques, and from CS477 as it will be more in-depth and research-oriented. Prerequisite CS 225.

Related Faculty

Software VerificationMP43667E240930 - 1045 M W    Madhusudan Parthasarathy