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CS 598 KCC - Understanding LLMs AKA ChatGPT

Last offered Fall 2024

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Generative AI has transformed NLP and established a new paradigm upon large language models (LLMs) for building autonomous agents that can interact, acquire, and process knowledge for humans. While LLMs like ChatGPT have created real buzz, our understanding of these large and complex models are limited: How does it work? What can it do? Can we use LLMs to automate daily tasks of knowledge acquisition, such as reading technical papers, browsing websites, and checking emails? This class will take a laboratory and collaborative approach to learn LLMs by doing research: For "understanding"- We will characterize the behavior of LLMs. For "using": We will program LLMs as software agents that can execute these tasks on behalf of users. Objective: Publishable research papers. Format: hands-on search in small groups of 1-2 leads and 1-2 apprentices. Prerequisites: 1) Lead- Research experience in NLP/ML/DM (having published in ACL/EMNLP or similar venues) and 2) Collaborator/Apprentice: CS447 an

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Understanding LLMs AKA ChatGPTKCC36002S541400 - 1515 T R  0222 Siebel Center for Comp Sci Kevin Chenchuan Chang