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CS 598 KCC - Understanding LLMs AKA ChatGPT

Last offered Fall 2023

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Understanding and Using Large Language Models AKA ChatGPT- for Search Engines. Large language models (LLMs) have transformed the field of natural language processing and established a new paradigm upon foundation models for aritificial intelligence. ChatGPT has created real buzz of new applications and possibilities -- as well as wild hype and fear. Nevertheless, our understanding of LLMs-- as they are large and complex-- are limited. What can it do? How does it work? What can we use it for and how? This class will take a laboratory and collaborative approach to study by doing research: We will benchmark the behavior of LLMs and exploit its applications. As our focus, we will study search engine-- How LLM can help our knowledge acquisition? Format: hands-on, small-group research. Objective: Publishable research papers. Pre-requisites: Research experience in NLP/ML/DM (e.g., having a publication or submission in ACL/EMNLP or similar venues)-- please verify with instructor. For up-to-dat

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Understanding LLMs AKA ChatGPTKCC36002S541400 - 1515 T R  1302 Siebel Center for Comp Sci Kevin Chenchuan Chang
Jie Huang