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CS 598 AB - Endpt Threat Detect. & Invest.

Last offered Fall 2024

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This course provides an in-depth examination of how attackers are audited, detected, and investigated on endpoint systems. Auditing is a foundational concept in operating system security, but has only recently come into its own as an area of active study. We will be studying research, both past and present, on the design of audit frameworks that permit the detection of security violations. Topics will include event logging in commodity operating systems, data provenance analysis, threat investigation, and threat detection. Selected seminal and current papers in the field will also aid in providing context and further understanding of the area. For up-to-date information about CS course restrictions, please view the following link for restrictions and release dates:

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Endpt Threat Detect. & Invest.AB67237S1341230 - 1345 T R  2233 Everitt Laboratory  Adam Bates