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CS 469 - Comp Adv Infrastructure

Last offered Spring 2023

Official Description

Thorough coverage of technologies including web-search, auctions, behavioral targeting, mechanisms for viral marketing, that underpin the display of advertisements on a variety of locations (e.g., ads on search engines; display ads). Students shall also learn about emerging areas in computational advertising including location-based adverting and algorithmic synthesis of personalized advertisements. Discussion around privacy will be a significant focus of the class. Course Information: Same as ADV 462. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: CS 173; CS 225; one of MATH 225, MATH 257, MATH 415, MATH 416, ASRM 406 or BIOE 210; one of CS 361, STAT 361, ECE 313, MATH 362, MATH 461, MATH 463 or STAT 400.

Related Faculty

Comp Adv InfrastructureADG74415LCD31230 - 1345 W F  1310 Digital Computer Laboratory Hari Sundaram
Comp Adv InfrastructureADU74359LCD31230 - 1345 W F  1310 Digital Computer Laboratory Hari Sundaram