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CS 440 - Artificial Intelligence

Last offered Spring 2022

Official Description

Major topics in and directions of research in artificial intelligence: basic problem solving techniques, knowledge representation and computer inference, machine learning, natural language understanding, computer vision, robotics, and societal impacts. Course Information: Same as ECE 448. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: CS 225.

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Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach, 3rd E., by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig

Learning Goals

Master the theoretical issues and principles underlying AI systems and use this understanding to analyze novel AI systems. (1), (6)
Design and implement illustrative AI systems (2)
Judge realistic vs. unrealistic claims for AI in the popular press, and evaluate the likelihood of success of hypothetical applications of AI as components of larger computer systems. (1)

Topic List

World modeling with symbolic and statistical representations:
First-order logic, formal inference, the qualification problem
Random Variables & Distributions, Conditional independence, Bayes &Markov nets, Parameter estimation
Tradeoffs among expressiveness, efficiency, accuracy, & robustness
Sequential decision making: Classical planning, Reinforcement learning, Markov decision processes
Machine learning:
Supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised
Linear classifiers: Perceptrons, Naïve Bayes, Logistic regression
Nonlinear classifiers: Neural networks, Support vector machines & kernel methods
Computational learning theory: learnability, VC analysis
Statistical learning theory: error bounds, regularization
AI Applications: NLP, vision, search engines, data mining, collaborative filtering
Social & philosophical implications

Assessment and Revisions

Revisions in last 6 years Approximately when revision was done Reason for revision Data or documentation available? Documentation provided?
Increased coverage of Support Vector Machines & kernel methods Fall 2008 Reflect importance of the topic in the field Informal discussions None
Introduce Markov blanket; less emphais on D-Separation Fall 2010 Reflect new & simplified text treatment Informal discussions None
Included Statistical Learning Theory as a separate topic; less emphasis on Computational Learning Theory fall 2010 Stay current with field Informal discussions None
Increase focus statistical methods while decreasing emphasis of symbolic methods On-going Stay current with field Informal discussions None

Required, Elective, or Selected Elective

Selected Elective.

Artificial IntelligenceQ331423LCD31300 - 1350 M W F  1002 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg  Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Artificial IntelligenceQ431424LCD31300 - 1350 M W F  1002 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg  Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Artificial IntelligenceR369112OLC31300 - 1350 M W F     Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Artificial IntelligenceR469113OLC31300 - 1350 M W F     Mark Hasegawa-Johnson