CS 433 / CSE 422

Computer System Organization

Course at a Glance

Saugata Ghose
TAs: Yiqiu Sun, Sudhanshu Agarwal
CAs: Amol Shah, Aniket Das

Tue/Thu 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM Central

112 Transportation Building

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CS 433 / CSE 422 is a combined undergraduate/graduate course at the University of Illinois that covers essential topics on computer hardware design, and its interface with software. In the course, we will study foundational concepts that enable modern computer architectures, such as out-of-order processing, the memory hierarchy, virtualization, and parallel processing hardware.

Prerequisite: CS 233 or equivalent

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Course Description

Computer hardware design and analysis and interface with software. Advanced processor design, including superscalar, out-of-order issue, branch prediction, and speculation. Memory hierarchy design, including advanced cache optimizations, main memory, and virtual memory. Principles of multiprocessor design, including shared-memory, cache coherence, synchronization, and consistency. Other advanced topics depending on time; e.g., GPUs and accelerators, warehouse computers and data centers, security.