Spring 2024 CS 340
Introduction to Computer Systems
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2024-02-15 – midterm 1

Midterm 1 occurs next week.

You must reserve a time to take the midterm in the CBTF.

Tuesday’s class is canceled to ensure you have at least one time slot open for the midterm.

Today we will do a midterm 1 review in class. You can submit questions and topic for review at http://tinyurl.com/340mt1review or ask them aloud in class.

Commonly-used pages

Page Purpose
Examples Code examples and other files used in class
Homework Weekly homeworks on PrairieLearn
MPs List and link to each MP and the final project
Secure Content for enrolled students. Log in with your NetID and its password.
Contains the Discord join link.
Contains the VM information for each student.
Schedule Lectures, due dates, etc.
Syllabus Course policies.
Text Textual information covering various course content.
Videos Server 1 with searchable transcripts
Server 2 with more rapidly-avaible videos

Key Logistics

Meetings TuTh 12:30-1:45PM in 100 MSEB
Attendance required on in-class project days
Forum Discord – join link on the secure page
Tutoring hours In the lower level of Siebel
Monday 11–2
Tuesday 2–4:30
Wednesday 12:30–4
Thursday 10:45–12:30 and 1:45–5:30
Friday 10–12 and 12:30–4
Saturday 11-4
Midterm 1 50 min CBTF, 19–21 February (no class on the 20th)
Midterm 2 50 min CBTF, 25–27 March (no class on the 26th)
Midterm 3 50 min CBTF, 22–24 April (no class on the 23rd)
Final Project 1:30-4:30PM Monday 6 May in 100 MSEB