All course materials will be freely available regardless of registration status through Canvas, PrairieLearn, and Campuswire


We will use Campuswire for announcements and Q&A. Use code 1000 to add the course. Please read the pinned posts (You may need to click “View all”) and direct all questions there.


CS 233 moves fast! All class material is available to all students immediately. If you are not registered for the class, you can access the Canvas site, PrairieLearn exercises, and Campuswire immediately. We cannot accommodate missed deadlines for students who register late, because you can access all course materials and can submit everything on time.

Registration FAQ

Getting registered for CS 233

Q: The class is full, but I want to register for the course, can you add me?
A: Sorry, no. We have no control over enrollment no matter how delighted we would be for you to take the course.

Q: Okay, can you add me to the waiting list?
A: It is departmental policy to not have wait lists for courses because the enrollment system is not intelligently setup to handle wait lists. Wait lists have been artificially giving students hope and eating up too much time for the advising office without actually helping students.

Q: Can you increase the enrollment cap?
A: No, we cannot increase the enrollment cap. We have no control over enrollment.

Q: Will the cap be raised?
A: Possibly. Depends on when you are asking. Enrollment is usually capped a little lower than maximum to enable particular types of students to be added to the course at specific times (e.g., some seats are reserved for transfer students early in the enrollment period). This process again is outside my control, and I honestly don’t know how it works. I believe that the caps are raised shortly before the semester begins and about a week or so after it starts. If you have more questions about enrollment caps, talk to the advising office in Siebel Center.

Q: But I really need to take this course to graduate <on time, in 3 semesters, insert other reason>. Can’t you make an exception?
A: We really are sorry, but we have no control over enrollment. If you have a truly extenuating circumstance, then your best bet is to talk to the advising office, but getting into the course is unlikely even if you do talk to them.

Q: Well, what can I do then?
A: Check back in the registration system every day and hope that someone has dropped and you can take their slot. Someone (even many people) WILL drop, but you will need to be vigilant to take their spot before the semester begins.

Q: I have another class that conflicts with CS 233, can I get an override to take both CS 233 and the other course?
A: Sorry, no. Class will be meeting synchronously this semester with an expectation that you will be working with your peers collaboratively during class time.

What you should do until you are registered

Q: The semester has started, and I’m still not registered for the course but still want add it. What should I be doing now?
A: 1) You can access all course resources through the links above, 2) attend class and participate in GA assessments, 3) complete the prairielearn homework assignments, especially the pre-flights, 4) sign up for Campuswire so that you don’t miss any announcements, 5) follow along with the labs, completing them as assigned, and 6) take quizzes as they are available (you can get provisional registration in the CBTF). Because you can access prairielearn and the labs before registering, there will be NO late policy for prairielearn or labs for students who add the course late aside from the existing late submissions policies.

Q: The last day to add courses is soon, and I’m still not registered for the course but still want to add it. Can I add the course after the last day to add courses?
A: Yes, there will still be opportunities to add courses after the last day to add courses, but it will still be a bit difficult to add the course. There will likely be a handful of seats that open up in the course over the course of next week. If you want to add, you will need to get a late add form from the advising office and ask one of the instrutors to sign it. If you want us to sign the form, we will expect that you have been doing the activities listed above. We want you to be in a position to succeed. If you have not been keeping up with the work, we can’t in good conscience sign your form because we don’t want to set you up to fail.

What to do once you have become registered

Q: I just added the course, can I still submit the labs I missed for full credit?
A: You can submit labs late only in accordance with the existing late policy for labs.

Q: I just added the course, can I still get full credit for the PrairieLearn homework?
A: You should have been keeping up with the PrairieLearn homework as that access was not restricted. You can still earn partial credit for any late submissions on PrairieLearn as specified in PrairieLearn.