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CS 102 - Little Bits to Big Ideas

Spring 2021

Official Description

Course Information: Same as INFO 102. See INFO 102.

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(Required) Computer Science Illuminated Sixth Edition, Nell Dale and John Lewis, Jones and Bartlett Learning 1284055914

Learning Goals

  1. Students should understand binary representation of numbers, text, and other data.
  2. Students should understand Boolean logic
  3. Students should understand basic digital logic and sequential circuits
  4. Students should be able to read and simulate simple programs
  5. Students should understand some basic algorithms and understand that some algorithms are better than others (basic computational complexity)
  6. Students should understand how basic ADTs work (e.g. stacks, queues, lists, graphs, and trees.)
  7. Students should understand that some problems cannot be solved by computers
  8. Students should recognize the basic components of a computer (e.g. RAM, CPU, motherboard)
  9. Students should understand the role of an operating system in a computer
  10. Students should be able to describe the basics of a computer network and the Internet

Topic List

  1. Binary and Boolean representations
  2. Basic digital design
  3. Basic sequential design
  4. Computation (fetch, decode, execute cycle)
  5. Assembly programming
  6. Representing integers, floats, and text
  7. Algorithms
  8. High level language programming
  9. Abstract data types and objects
  10. Operating systems and file systems
  11. Networking, the internet, and search engines
  12. Computer security and cryptography
  13. Machine learning
  14. Simulations and graphics
  15. Computability and countability

Required, Elective, or Selected Elective

Required for informatics minor

Little Bits to Big IdeasAB163230OLB01600 - 1715 T    Ryan Matthew Cunningham
Little Bits to Big IdeasAB263231OLB01600 - 1715 W    Ryan Matthew Cunningham
Little Bits to Big IdeasAB363232OLB01600 - 1715 R    Ryan Matthew Cunningham
Little Bits to Big IdeasAB466601OLB01730 - 1845 T    Ryan Matthew Cunningham
Little Bits to Big IdeasAB566603OLB01730 - 1845 W    Ryan Matthew Cunningham
Little Bits to Big IdeasAL163225OLC40900 - 0950 M W F    Ryan Matthew Cunningham