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CEE 593 - Tunneling in Soil and Rock

Last offered Spring 2024

Official Description

History of development of tunneling design and methods. Relationship of geology on anticipated ground response to tunneling. Study of tunneling methods unique to tunnels in soil, tunnels in rock, caverns in soils and caverns in rock. Analysis approaches for tunnels in soils and rock. Geotechnical Baselines report and other risk allocation tools for tunnel construction. Case histories of tunneling projects. Course Information: 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. The course lectures will be scheduled for twice a week for 80 minutes each class during a 16 week semester. Prerequisite: CEE 483 required. Credit or concurrent enrollment in CEE 484 is required.

Related Faculty

Tunneling in Soil and RockG73052LCD40800 - 0920 T R  1311 Newmark Civil Engineering Bldg Youssef M. A. Hashash
Tunneling in Soil and RockONL73277ONL4 -    Youssef M. A. Hashash