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BIOE 598 SR1 - Soft Robotics

Last offered Fall 2024

Official Description

Subject offerings of new and developing areas of knowledge in bioengineering intended to augment the existing curriculum. See Class Schedule or departmental course information for topics and prerequisites. Course Information: 1 to 4 graduate hours. No professional credit. May be repeated in the same or separate terms if topics vary.

Section Description

In this design course, we will explore soft materials used for devices to interface with humans, mimic natural systems, and improve upon traditional robots. Students will: (1) Explore fundamentals of polymer chemistry and flexible sensors. (2) Read and discuss current literature in the field. (3) Build actuators and sensors using polymer molding, Arduino controls (no prior experience necessary). (4) Design novel advances in bioinspired, wearable, or implantable soft robots. Please contact to enroll in this course and request an override.

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Soft RoboticsSR164185LCD41230 - 1350 T R  3101 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg Holly McIlwee Golecki