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BIOE 486 - Appl Deep Learn Biomed Imaging

Last offered Spring 2023

Official Description

Covers basic concepts, methodology and algorithms in deep learning and their applications to solve various biomedical imaging problems. Introduction to neural networks and their application to supervised and unsupervised learning problems formulated for biomedical imaging will be provided. Connections between general learning methodologies and specific challenges in the field of biomedical imaging, and design, implementation and evaluation of deep neural network-based solutions to imaging problems will be emphasized. Problems covered will include imaging system design and optimization, image recovery and reconstruction (built on the imaging physics and system course ? BIOE 483), image processing (e.g., denoising, super-resolution and enhancement) and image analysis (e.g., same-contrast, multi-contrast and multimodal image registration, segmentation, classification and quality assessment). Biomedical application specific problems and solutions will be covered via hands-on problems and

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Appl Deep Learn Biomed ImagingDL72055LEC31230 - 1350 T R  2101 Everitt Laboratory Fan Lam
Yahang Li
Appl Deep Learn Biomed ImagingDL275060LEC41230 - 1350 T R  2101 Everitt Laboratory Fan Lam