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BIOE 484 - Stat Analys Biomed Images

Last offered Spring 2024

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Biomedical image data often come in extreme numbers: there is either so many of them that humans can't analyze them in reasonable time (e.g., three-dimensional light sheet microscopy data) or they are few, highly varied and of limited spatial and intensity resolutions (e.g., positron emission tomography scans). Furthermore, the extraction of image features and the characterization of modality-dependent background noise can be particularly challenging in typical biomedical scenarios. In this course, several applications of statistical learning to biomedical image data will be covered in depth from first principles. Analyses will be done in Python using the Scikit-learn package and all homework assignments comprise statistical analyses of biomedical image data in real decision scenarios. Histogram transforms and the fundamental properties of image texture will be introduced and revisited throughout the course. The extraction of both low- and high-order spatial features at multiple scales
Stat Analys Biomed ImagesAL172054LEC31400 - 1520 T R  144 Loomis Laboratory Minh Ta
Stat Analys Biomed ImagesAL275059LEC41400 - 1520 T R  144 Loomis Laboratory Minh Ta
Stat Analys Biomed ImagesALO76030ONL4 -    Minh Ta