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BIOE 483 - Biomed Computed Imaging System

Last offered Fall 2021

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The frontier of biomedical imaging is computed imaging where multi-dimensional images must be reconstructed from measured data that is otherwise not meaningful to human observers. In this course, computational image reconstruction techniques will be developed and employed across a broad range of radiographic, magnetic resonance, and nuclear imaging modalities. General imaging and detection principles common to all computational modalities will be covered in context of specific biomedical imaging scenarios. X-ray computed tomography will be covered in depth and in the context of the imaging science principles presented the co-requisites; this also includes practical concerns about computing resources and modern GPU-based computing. The physics of magnetic resonance imaging will be presented and related to specific mathematical issues of image reconstruction and under-sampled measurement space. Positron emission tomography (PET) will be covered and specific clinical issues discussed in t

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