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BIOE 424 - Preclinical Molecular Imaging

Last offered Fall 2024

Official Description

Students will gain a solid educational foundation in the principles and practice of preclinical molecular imaging such that students can build on their prior education, training, and experiences to drive the field in new directions and advance their professional goals. The course will focus on key areas of knowledge: imaging physics and instrumentation, molecular probes and contrast agents, molecular interactions, quantitative imaging and modeling, and translation to the clinical imaging of disease. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Credit is not given toward graduation for BIOE 424 and either BIOE 498 WD or BIOE 598 WD. Prerequisite: BIOE 205 is recommended.

Related Faculty

Preclinical Molecular ImagingG79634LEC41530 - 1650 T R  1306 Everitt Laboratory Wawrzyniec Dobrucki
Preclinical Molecular ImagingONL79734ONL3 -    Wawrzyniec Dobrucki
Preclinical Molecular ImagingUG79633LEC31530 - 1650 T R  1306 Everitt Laboratory Wawrzyniec Dobrucki