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BIOE 420 - Intro Bio Control Systems

Last offered Fall 2024

Official Description

Systems engineering approach to modeling physiological systems to examine natural biological control systems, homeostasis, and control through external medical devices. Introduces open loop and closed loop feedback control; Laplace and Fourier analysis of system behavior; impulse and steady state responses; physiological modeling and system identification; and stability. Includes biological systems for endocrine function, muscle position, neuronal circuits, and cardiovascular function. Mathematical modeling, Matlab and Simulink simulation, and physiological measurements to relate control systems to maintenance of internal environment. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. Credit is not given for BIOE 420 if credit for AE 353, ECE 486, SE 320, or ME 340 has been earned. Prerequisite: BIOE 302, BIOE 303, BIOE 414, BIOE 415. Class Schedule Information: Departmental approval required for non-majors.

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Intro Bio Control SystemsAL162799LEC31100 - 1150 M W F  1000 Lincoln Hall Brad Sutton