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BIOE 415 - Biomedical Instrumentation Lab

Last offered Spring 2024

Official Description

Laboratory to accompany BIOE 414. Use of sensors and medical instrumentation for static and dynamic biological inputs. Measurement of biomedical signals. Course Information: Same as ECE 415. 2 undergraduate hours. 2 graduate hours. Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent registration in BIOE 414.

Related Faculty

Biomedical Instrumentation LabAB133731LAB01300 - 1550 M  0201 Everitt Laboratory Rebecca Reck
Joseph Tibbs
Biomedical Instrumentation LabAB233733LAB01200 - 1450 W  0201 Everitt Laboratory Rebecca Reck
Mehzabin Morshed
Biomedical Instrumentation LabAB333734LAB01500 - 1750 W  0201 Everitt Laboratory Rebecca Reck
Prannoy Kathiresan
Biomedical Instrumentation LabAB433735LAB01600 - 1850 M  0201 Everitt Laboratory Rebecca Reck
Antoni Okinczyc
Biomedical Instrumentation LabAL133736LEC21200 - 1250 M  1306 Everitt Laboratory Rebecca Reck