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BIOE 303 - Quantitative Physiology Lab

Spring 2021

Official Description

Experiments involving the modeling and measurement of animal and human physiology systems. Use of computer simulations to provide mathematical descriptions of physiology behavior. Calibration and validation of models through hands-on experiments. Focus on quantitative measurement of neural, cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, and endocrine system functions. Course Information: Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in BIOE 302 is allowed. Class Schedule Information: Departmental approval required for non-majors.

Related Faculty

Course Director

Quantitative Physiology LabAB159648LAB01400 - 1650 T  0215 Everitt Lab Marina Marjanovic
Quantitative Physiology LabAB259651OLB01400 - 1650 R    Marina Marjanovic
Quantitative Physiology LabAB360230OLB01700 - 1950 R    Marina Marjanovic
Quantitative Physiology LabAB471779LAB01700 - 1950 T  0215 Everitt Lab Marina Marjanovic
Quantitative Physiology LabAL159647ONL21300 - 1350 M    Marina Marjanovic