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AE 528 - Nonlinear Continuous Media

Last offered Fall 2021

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Fundamental concepts of large deformations in nonlinear elasticity and inelasticity with applications: generalized tensors, finite deformations, stress-strain relations in terms of strain energy functions, inverse problems, solutions of tension, shear and bending problems, finite plane strain, theory of successive approximations, fiber-reinforced beams, plates and cylinders, thermodynamics of deformable media, stability considerations, and constituent relations for inelasticity. Course Information: Prerequisite: AE 321 or TAM 451.
Nonlinear Continuous MediaA39793LCD40930 - 1050 T R  410B1 Engineering Hall Harry H Hilton
Laura Ann Gerhold
Nonlinear Continuous MediaONL63693ONL4 -    Harry H Hilton