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ABE 498 - Analysis of Food & Bio Mtrl

Spring 2021

Official Description

Subject offerings of new and developing areas of knowledge in agricultural and biological engineering intended to augment the existing curriculum. See Class Schedule or departmental course information for topics and prerequisites. Course Information: 1 to 4 undergraduate hours. 1 to 4 graduate hours. May be repeated in the same or separate terms if topics vary to a maximum of 16 hours.

Related Faculty

Special Topics010169IND -    
Special TopicsACH10830IND -    Alan Hansen
Engrg for Disaster ResilienceDRP68117PKG31530 - 1650 T R    Luis F Rodriguez
Engrg for Disaster ResilienceDRP68117PKG3 -    Luis F Rodriguez
Special TopicsHF10882IND -    Hao Feng
Special TopicsJBL10840IND -    Bruce Elliott-Litchfield
Special TopicsJFR10806IND -    John F Reid
Special TopicsJKM10858IND -    J. Kent Mitchell
Special TopicsJWH10800IND -    John W Hummel
Analysis of Food & Bio MtrlKAM72218PKG1000 - 1150 T  208 Agricultural Engr Sciences Bld Mohammed Kamruzzaman
Analysis of Food & Bio MtrlKAM72218PKG1000 - 1150 R  208 Agricultural Engr Sciences Bld Mohammed Kamruzzaman
Special TopicsKDR10804IND -    Kent D Rausch
Special TopicsLEB10876IND -    Loren E Bode
Special TopicsLFT10884IND -    Lei Tian
Special TopicsLLC10878IND -    Leslie L Christianson
Special TopicsMC10849IND -    Munir Cheryan
Special TopicsMGD10880IND -    
Special TopicsMH62915IND -    Morgan Hayes
Special TopicsMLC62977IND -    Maria Librada Chu
Special TopicsPKK10860IND -    Prasanta K. Kalita
Special TopicsRAA10819IND -    Robert A Aherin
Special TopicsRAC10809IND -    Richard Cooke
Special TopicsRCC10836IND -    Richard C Coddington
Richard C Coddington
Special TopicsSAM10883IND -    Scott A Morris
Special TopicsSJS10826IND -    Shelly J Schmidt
Special TopicsSRE10846IND -    Steven Eckhoff
Special TopicsTLF10832IND -    Ted L Funk
Special TopicsXW369694LCD -    Xinlei Wang
Special TopicsYZ10843IND -    Yuanhui Zhang