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ABE 199 CHP - Water in the Global Environ

Last offered Fall 2022

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Course Information: May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours.

Section Description

This course is designed to enhance students? understanding and appreciation of the impact water in a global context. It covers water availability and quality for the day to day lives of people. Students will examine the historical and current water-related issues and the solutions in various parts of the world. Field trips provide up-close and personal exposures to water issues and current solutions locally. The course is not only to educate students on one of the most important and critical areas of concern in the world today, but to motivate them to use enhanced knowledge to make an impact both locally and globally. THIS SECTION IS FOR CHANCELLOR'S SCHOLARS ONLY: OTHER STUDENTS MAY ONLY ENROLL WITH THE CONSENT OF THE INSTRUCTOR AND THE CAMPUS HONORS PROGRAM.

Related Faculty

Water in the Global EnvironCHP55376ONL31300 - 1450 M W    Prasanta K. Kalita
Paul C. Davidson
Rabin Bhattarai